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Top Five Travel Destinations for Summer 2020

Looking for well deserved post-quarantine summer holiday in 2020? Check out our top five travel destinations across Europe and the UK.
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It’s been a warm start to summer in the UK this year. Nevertheless, for those of us experienced in British weather, we know that this likely means an onslaught of rain and thunderstorms for July and August. Ordinarily, we’d pack our bags and hop on the next plane to Majorca, but with lockdown measures only just starting to ease, we’re none-the-wiser about where we can actually travel to. To help you get some hot stuff this summer (sunshine that is), we’ve put together a list of our Top Five Travel Destinations for Summer 2020.


Summer Beach in Algarve in Portugal Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region.

The Algarve has long been on the bucket-list of many European holiday makers, known for its golden beaches and phenomenal seafood. Thankfully, mainland Portugal has now opened up its borders for EU travellers (including the UK!)

Unlike the majority of other travel destinations, Portugal is not enforcing the 14-day quarantine rule for tourists. Unsurprisingly, Portugal is an attractive option for those of us who are not intent on spending our vacation in a hotel room! 

Nonetheless, travellers will be tested for high temperatures on arrival in the country and those exhibiting symptoms will be referred to the health authorities.


Beautiful View of Santorini in Greece Santorini, Greece. One of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

Another favourite for sun-seekers, Greece will also be opening its borders to the UK from 1st July. Finally, tourists will be allowed to return to the glistening beaches of Mykonos and Santorini alike.

However, arrivals from a number of key UK airports, including Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester will have to take a Covid-19 test upon arriving in the country. Those choosing to fly from other locations may still be selected for random testing.


UK travel destination in Cornwall Cornwall, England.

Travellers willing to accept the possibility of a spontaneous downpour, the UK also offers wonderful summer travel destinations. One of our favourites – Cornwall, offers multiple towns dotted along the southern coastline, each with its own unique attractions and amazing views.

Of course, if travelling within the UK, you don’t need not worry about quarantining. With restaurants set to open from July 4th, UK-based travel becomes even more attractive to those worried about being cooped up indoors.


Sea View in Southern France The French Riviera (Côte d’Azur). Coast of southeastern France.

From the 15th June, UK travellers are free to travel to France for vacations. French authorities ask that travellers quarantine for 14 days at their destination. Don’t worry, however – this is not mandatory unless you’re exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19.

If you are looking for some warmer weather whilst still acting cautiously, one of the thousands of beautiful holiday villas across mainland France or the French Riviera, pose an attractive option! Book your tickets now to enjoy a change of scenery whilst adhering to self-isolation procedures with family.


Barcelona in Spain Barcelona, Spain.

Finally, Spain will be opening its borders to EU tourists from the 21st June onwards, allowing UK travellers to resume their love-affair with paella and delicious red wine.

As of yet, officials have not stipulated quarantine regulations for arrivals in the country. Until then, stay tuned for more information before booking a trip!

All information above is accurate as of 17 June 2020, however this may change. Keep up-to-date with ongoing changes to travel from the UK via the Gov UK website here

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