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The seven unsaid rules of dating in 2019

Uncovering all the millennial dating terms and new rules of dating you need to know. You better have a notepad ready…
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If you were to believe musician Dua Lipa, the new rules of dating are as follows; don’t pick up the phone, don’t let him in, and don’t be a friend. Sure, we get it – she’s been hurt.

But in the real world, what trends are we starting to see in this new era of dating? Here we reveal the seven unsaid dating rules 2019, uncovering all the millennial dating terms you need to know. You better have a notepad ready…

Dating Rule #1 – Don’t masquerade on social media

Cyber-vetting potential dates is nothing new. However according to a recent report, clued up ‘grammers’ are taking advantage of this by tailoring their Instagram feed to their object of desire. Otherwise known as ‘Instagrandstanding’ this charade can’t withstand a long-term relationship, so it’s better not to bother – right!?

#2 – Swipe dates, not faces

Swiping left is so 2012. Today it’s all about dating people on likeminded journeys, rather than judging people on looks. Thankfully, a new avalanche of online dating apps has revolutionised the market, helping you to find long-term partners with a genuine connection.

Date stashing

#3 - Stashing is not cool

When it comes to dating etiquette, it goes without saying that everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect. However, ‘stashing dating’ has become a ‘thing’ for all the wrong reasons. The term refers to couples who have been on several dates, but one party ‘stashes’ them away from friends and family for reasons not quite known. Just follow the simple rules of dating: don’t do it!

#4 – Don’t have a type

Smart dating starts with being open to new people and experiences. This means branching out of your comfort zone. If you have a certain type, be brave enough to break the cycle, look for common interests and shared traits in potential partners. You might just find it’s a better way to meet your match.

#5 – Take advantage of having a ‘plus one’

In the eternal search for ‘the one’, it’s easy to get caught up on the rotation of dates, one after another. But there’s something more that’s emerging from this new generation; the desire to make every moment meaningful. Simply put, use dating as an opportunity to explore new parts of your city, visit restaurants and bars you haven’t been to before, take advantage of having a ‘plus one’ and attend galleries and openings. It makes online dating all the more enriching if nothing else.

#6 – Avoid Bird Boxing

Taking the name from the Netflix thriller, Bird Box dating is one of the latest millennial dating terms creating quite a buzz in the media. In the programme, participants wear blindfolds to avoid eye contact with monsters that will otherwise kill them. The term has been adapted for dating, referring to someone who is blinded by how rubbish their date is. It’s an easy one to overcome though, find yourself some trusted friends and they’ll likely tell you the error of your ways!

#7 – Be Polite

The rules of dating 2019 can learn a lot from traditional manners. That’s why the seventh and most important rule of online dating is to be polite. That’s right, no ‘ghosting’ or ‘orbiting’ or ignoring your fellow single friends. If you’ve been on a date and it didn’t work out, be honest in a kind way and move on. If you’ve been on a date and it went well, but you’re just not into them, then that’s fine too. But for the sake of our sanity and in keeping with good manners, do the right thing and offer some closure, thanks!

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