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Self Care Post-Lockdown – What Regulations Mean For Services

Hairdressers, Hair saloons, Skincare treatments, Gyms and Clothes stores. Have self-care services changed forever post-lockdown?
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After months of hibernating in our homes, forgoing all but sweatpants and slippers, we all deserve to feel the sun on our skin as we slowly plod back to normality. This beckoning ‘sunlight’ includes the open arms of all of our favourite forms of self-care as shops, salons and the like finally reawaken. For some, this is the beginning of a journey back to mental and physical wellness. For others, an opportunity to oust our newfound primitive looks (yes, we’ve all been there!) 

The big question remains – what can we expect of our favourite self care services in this post-lockdown era?

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1. Hairdressers

Undoubtedly top of everyone’s to-do list, with unruly roots and bestial barnets aplenty, the nation was able to breath a collective sigh of relief as hairdressers reopened on the 4th July. However, for those of you who are yet to rid yourselves of your lockdown mane, what can you expect from your next appointment?

As London’s top hair salons boast waitlists in their thousands, you may need to have a little patience when booking your next appointment (better to book now rather than later!) When arriving for your appointment, you will also notice some new procedures. The British Beauty Council recommends that all hairdressing professionals wear gloves, masks and gowns and for temperatures to be routinely checked. Unsurprisingly, your trip to the hair salon won’t quite be as you remembered before lockdown. However, with the extra weight off your shoulders (literally), we don’t think you’ll mind all that much!

Check our selection of London’s best hairdressers:


Woman doing nails treatment wearing mask

2. Nail Salons

Hot on the heels of hairdressers, beauty salons opened on the 13th July – with some restrictions on high-risk services. Nonetheless, nail salons are officially open (hooray)! When attending your well-deserved manicure, be aware of the new safety measures in place. Appointments will be limited to ensure social distancing is upheld and walk-ins will not be accepted. Hair salons are also advised to set up sanitisation stations and there will be extra cleaning measures in place to help keep us all safe.

Skin care face treatment wearing a mask

3. Skincare treatments

After months of binging Netflix and, well, binging (every lockdown day’s a Cheat Day, right?) we all need to give our skin a little TLC. Whilst a lot of skincare treatments infall into the high-risk category, it’s been officially announced that all beauty services in England can resume from August 1st. These self care facilities will include:

  • Facials
  • Face waxing
  • Eyebrow threading
  • Eyelash treatments
  • Dermarolling

And more!

Man and woman social distancing in a gym post lockdown

4. Gyms

Whilst many admirable individuals have been keeping fit in the comfort of their own home – from online classes (did somebody say Zoom?) to TikTok challenges – the general consensus is loud and clear: we want our gyms back! The fitness fanatics among us were thanking their lucky stars when it was announced that indoor pools, gyms and leisure centres are opening July 25th. So what will your new workout regime look like? Similar to the above, there will be a cap on numbers (including reduced class sizes), spaced out equipment and enhanced sanitisation.

Women shopping wearing face masks due to pandemic

5. Clothes shopping

With PJs as the lockdown norm, we are itching to ditch dressing gowns for summer gowns. Shopaholics rejoiced when retailers reopened from June 15th. However, before you head out for some much-needed retail therapy (therapy being the operative word), be prepared to accept the new norm. Retailers will also limit store capacities to uphold social distancing. Fitting rooms will be closed in many stores. Customers are also encouraged to only touch items they plan to buy (quite a challenge if you’re a typical browser). But all in all, this gradual ascent back to normality is certainly a welcome one.

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