Recycled Knee Blanket – Light Grey Check


Cuddle up together or by yourself with this sustainable blanket.

Recycled Wool Knee Blanket in Light Grey Check by The Tartan Blanket Co. Made of recycled wool and mixed fibres saved from landfill, this sustainable blanket is a modern twist to the classic tartan. The perfect accessory to get warm in the sofa on a cold winter day. Incredibly soft to the touch.

The Tartan Blanket Co. is a family run business that brings a modern take to the traditional Scottish tartan blanket. Their products are made of natural and sustainable wool resulting in a high quality and durable piece of clothing unlike today’s fast fashion and disposable products.

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Wool is naturally breathable which allows any moisture it may pick up to dissipate.  This means you can get away with washing it less than other fibres, and less washing prolongs the lifespan of the material and is better for the planet. So before you try washing, have a go at letting your blanket hang outside for a couple of hours on a dry day to refresh your wool.


If your wool is stained in one place, try spot treating with a bit of wool soap. Wet the spot, then gently work the soap in the stained area. Remove soap and dirt with a cloth that does not leave lint behind. Instead of sponges and paper towels, try soft towels or an old pillowcase. Be sure to remove all soap by dampening the cloth and repeating the process.


When wool fibres become loose, they form little balls or pills. Pilling is a direct result of friction (which naturally occurs with movement), so the more you use your wool, the more likely it is to pill. Good news is, pilling is easy to take care of with a depilling comb (also known as bobble remover). Just glide the comb in one direction over target areas to leave renewed yarns behind.

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For best results and to avoid shrinkage and loss of shape, wash wood separately. Add wool soap and fabric softener (optional) and run the “wool wash” or at the lowest possible spin cycle and at 30ºC or less.


Fill your sink or bathtub with lukewarm water (30ºC or less) and add some wool soap. Mix it in well before adding your wool to the water. Submerge your wool into the soapy water, then let it soak for at least 10 minutes.

Give your wool a gentle swirl and give any areas that need particular attention a gentle rub with your hands. Avoid rubbing the fabric together as friction is the key thing to avoid with wool, as that is what causes shrinking and bobbling. Remove the wool and rinse twice with clean water.


The safest way to wash any wool textile is to have it dry cleaned.


To avoid stretching your wool, press the water gently, and lay your wool  flat to dry. To speed up the process, lay it on clean dry towels and roll your garment up like a swiss roll in order to squeeze out the excess water. Unroll your wool, reshape if needed, and lay flat to dry or hand on a line out of direct sunlight.


The best way to store your blanket is to fold it in a breathable container, like a cotton storage bag in a dark and dry place. Clean your blanket before you store it to prevent mothsFor extra protection, add some natural moth repellent into the container.


FIBRE 70% recycled wool, 30% mixed fibres saved from landfill
TOUCH – Smooth & durable
SIZE – 28″ x 75″ / 72cm x 190cm, including fringing*
CARE – Machine wash on wool cycle. Lay Flat to Dry.

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