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Detoxing & Rethinking Your Dating Needs

Detoxing your body and soul is important, especially when exposing yourself to the dating world. Rejuvenate your mind and feel emotionally ready for your next date.
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It’s important to feel cleansed, in mind, body and soul, before even contemplating exposing yourself to the dating world. Detoxing takes many forms, yet is consistently defined as the process of ridding yourself of toxins, resulting in the most rejuvenated version of you! This is especially important when it comes to your dating life, as you want to be both emotionally ready and bringing your best self to the table, before facing the potential perils – and, of course, that ‘happily ever after’ on the horizon – which accompany the world of dating. 

1) Spick & Span at the Spa 

Banya No. 1, Hoxton

One of the most popular forms of detox is, naturally, a day trip to the spa. The plethora of treatments on offer will undoubtedly leave your body feeling cleansed – and the relaxation of a spa dayalso works wonders for the mind.  In the heart of Hoxton, Banya No. 1 promises a “rejuvenating, de-stressing, detoxifying” experience. Exclusive to the UK, this spa provides traditional Russian wellness and spa treatments, using strictly natural and organic ingredients. They offer a range of spa packages, yet their speciality is Parenie: “an invigorating thermal massage, that uses a leafy and fragrant bundle of birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs”. Definitely worth a try!

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge

This luxury five-star hotel boasts its own “oasis of calm”: a spa offering a diverse range of treatments across thirteen luxurious treatment rooms. Highlights include the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room, the Vitality Pool and the Zen Colour Therapy Relaxation Area – in addition to the ultimate post-detox fifth (or sixth?) date: the Couple’s Oriental Suite! Try not to get too relaxed…

Rena Spa, Leonardo Royal Hotel London St. Pauls

Rena Health, Leisure & Spa is part of the luxurious Leonardo Royal Hotel: the ideal environment to “renew and rejuvenate.”  From beauty to body treatments, Rena Spa offers a wide range of detoxing delights. Also, the spa is partnered with award-winning French beauty brand Caudalie, offering treatments from Caudalie Facials to Caudalie Massage Therapy. So, be prepared to unwind, relax… and look ravishing!

2) Home sweet home 

Healthy body, healthy mind

Whilst your most obvious detox fix can be achieved by splashing out on a luxury spa day, there’s actually plenty you can do closer to home.  For one, cutting down on foods which may taste great, but don’t make you feel great after. These health cleanses can last for as little as three days, but even this can do your body (and mind) the world of good. They generally consist of eliminating all those red-flag foods – and drinks! – from your diet, and replacing them with fresh, healthy produce, that makes you function and feel great!  There are countless diet detox plans out there, yet there is often one running theme: be sure to stock up on your fruit and vegetables! 

A little bit of ‘me-time’

Detoxing mentally can quite simply be achieved by devoting some quality time to no. 1. Sometimes, it just has to be all about you! So, if you’ve had a long, stressful day at work, a great way to alleviate this stress and get your dating shoes back on, is to run a hot bath, complete with a few bath salts or essential oils, light a few candles (scented, of course!), and close your eyes, being at peace with your thoughts. Alternatively, you could soak up the suds and read a book! Sometimes it’s nice just to de-stress, switch off and be transported to another world. 


Again, this is another form of mental detoxing which can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Simply find a quiet spot, plug in your favourite relaxation playlist, and take five minutes or so to check in with yourself. Deep breaths and a deep-clean of your thoughts – we defy you to name a better daily detox! 

3) Detoxing your date life 

Be your top priority 

Before diving into the dating pool, you need to ensure that you have the right mind-set. No matter what, you should always be your top priority. If something isn’t right for you, opt out. There are plenty more fish in the sea – trust us. Or at the very least, be open and honest about how you feel; compromise is great, but you should never compromise who you are as a person to fit around someone else’s life. If it’s a match, it’s a match – but you should never lose yourself in the process.

Identify and prevent negative patterns

It’s so easy to fall into negative patterns, whether it’s throughout one relationship, or across your entire dating history. It’s okay to get stuck in a cycle like this, so long as you learn to identify the problematic pattern and fix it in the future. Whether you’re driving yourself crazy over how long it’s been since they’ve replied to your text – or you’re the serial ghoster; whether you get bored easily, or conversely, you’ve planned out your wedding after the first date… it’s all okay, so long as you identify these patterns, and thus learn to become your best self.

Define your value: “you are enough” 

Finally, we’ll leave you with a favourite quote of ours: “You are enough. You are so enough. It’s unbelievable how enough you are.” Define your value; don’t settle for less. You know how you deserve to be treated, and what you envisage as your ideal relationship. Whilst we may not end up in your picture-perfect pairing, you should never settle for anything less than the feeling you imagined. Because if the warm fuzzies aren’t there, they’re out there somewhere – just waiting for you.  So always remember, you are so enough, and don’t let anyone make you think or feel any less. 

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