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Dating Post Lock-Down – The Ins And Outs

What are the new rules for dating post lock-down? These tips will get you prepared for online dates from the comfort of your living room.
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We know where your mind just went… Wishful thinking

At the start of 2020, we never thought we’d be having work meetings from our kitchen table. Or that Friday drinks with our mates would be from our living room sofa. Nobody imagined that feeling rebellious meant squeezing in an extra ten minutes of walking on top of our hourly exercise allowance.

With this in mind, we probably should have anticipated that dating post lock-down would be equally unconventional – if even possible! Luckily, it’s not the time to throw in the towel and accept a life of spinsterhood… Yet.

So, what are the new rules for dating post lock-down?

Most of us are relieved to hear that lockdown measures are set to be relaxed in early July! In reality, however, your typical date venues such as cinemas and bars are unlikely to be an option until much later. Further than just the practicality, questions around the safety of dating arise. Being in close proximity with people we haven’t ever met before can pose significant challenges.

In any case, having had so much extra time to strike up new conversations online, we’re all itching to move things along (there’s only so much one can discuss what they’re looking for in a prospective partner)

Enter: Video Dating.

Granted – it feels a little bit wrong. But then the very concept of a dating app seems abhorrent to your grandparents. Times change! Nonetheless, this is new territory – expect a few cringe moments – but with a little faith (and the right match), you’ll be on your way to socially distanced second date before you know it.

What do you need to consider?


We all know that lighting can make or break a picture – so make sure that you’re sat opposite a light source, so that your face is well-lit without any unflattering shadows.


The only thing worse than bad lighting are bad angles. Make sure not to position your device significantly below your face (on your lap is absolute no-no). We recommend using a laptop so that you can have your hands free and positioning the camera just below your eyeline.

Cue Cards

If you’re a little nervous and worried about awkward silences, then why not write yourself a few questions or topics and having them to hand (hidden beneath your camera). You might as well use video dating to your advantage!

Set a Theme

Ok, you can’t go for cocktails or meet at your favourite casual coffee-spot. But that doesn’t mean your video date has to be boring. Why not set a theme with your date before the big day? Tell them to pour a glass of wine and get dressed up or suggest that they wear their most garish shirt as a conversation starter.

Find your perfect video dating theme on NVITE, from cooking together to cocktails party and connect with others who like the sound of your plan. Once a match, simply send them a ZOOM link via chat and enjoy the moment together.


We know it feels odd, but remember, this is new for everyone and there’s no need to feel any more nervous about it than a normal first date. At least you don’t have to worry about that awkward “should we kiss” moment at the end of the date – a simple ‘end call’ will do the trick.

While we all hope things return to “normal” so we go back to enjoying real life interactions, video dating can be a great way to stay connected in the meantime. 

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