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Best Places For A Coffee Date In The Capital

Hand-picked from 100s of coffee shops in London here are the best places for a first coffee date, from romantic hangouts to rustic-chic digs
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Food may be the way to a person’s heart, but coffee’s the answer for a quick caffeine fix. And let’s face it, when you’re in the throes of online dating, it’s important to keep those energy levels up! There’s tons of cute coffee shops London has to offer. Whether ideal for coffee dates, after-work catch up’s and Saturday morning rendez-vous!

From romantic hangouts to rustic-chic digs, here’s our list of the best places to grab a hot coffee, for an equally hot date. 

Best for First Coffee Dates - Caravan

Caravan coffee shop in London

If you’re wondering where to go on a first date where you won’t stand out, then Caravan in King’s Cross is the answer. Housed in a spacious Grade II listed Victorian grain store, there’s plenty of atmosphere and people to take the spotlight off you.

Open from 8am until 10.30pm most days, it’s reassuring to know that it’s open all-hours for a catch-up in informal settings. Once you’re ready to upgrade from coffee to something stronger, it also has Prosecco and Champagne on the menu. And of course it comes along with an impressive choice of pizzas to get messy with.


Best for Taking it to the Next Level - Kipferl

Welcome to date three – you’ve got your coffee date outfit sorted and feel optimistic about the night ahead, but where to go? Glad you asked.

Kipferl in Camden is one of those ‘anytime of day’ kind of hangouts, where a cheeky coffee could linger into a romantic evening meal. And the setting couldn’t be more inviting either. Just be sure to try the ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ on the menu…. and no, that’s not a euphemism!


Best for Soothing Vibes - Map Studio Cafe

North of the river, Map in Kentish Town is the sort of place you could find yourself on a first coffee date and never be stuck for words. For this is more than just a coffee shop, it’s a live music venue, recording studio, restaurant and hipster hangout. Soothing tunes and delicious cakes go hand-in-hand in this rustic venue, offering a cosy feel for snuggling up on those cold winter nights.

Order the Piccolo Latte with a side of homemade apple crumble, and you’re sure to go home satisfied, regardless of your date!



Best to Impress - Cafe Monico

Best coffee dates are in cafe monico

When the online dating stakes are high, and you want to impress, Café Monico in the West End is one of the capital’s best kept secrets. This high-end café oozes grandeur and opulence from the moment you step in. With intimate lighting and a certain French vibe, you could be mistaken for being in Paris or Rome. Come for coffee, stay for a cocktail – it’s hard to resist this romantic setting.


Best for Country Walks and Coffee Chic - Petersham Nurseries

You don’t have to venture further than Zone 4 to feel like you’ve been whisked away to a countryside pile. Nestled in the tranquillity of Richmond, the Petersham Nurseries are part garden-centre, part coffee shop and part bijou hangout. You won’t look out of place sipping a fresh mint tea, after all it’s one of the cute coffee shops London has to offer. Do as the locals and round your date off with a gentle stroll down the river afterwards.


There you go – five of the best coffee dates spots and fledgling relationships in the city. Visit NVITE, the social and dating app which connects compatible matches based on mutual interests and social activities. 

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