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8 Best Superfoods To Boost Your Sex Life

What are superfoods and how they can help your sex life whilst also keeping you in tip top form! Our Top-8 picks
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Many couples’ sex lives have thrived over lockdown (let’s not lie – what else was there to do?!), and now that the world is slowly resuming normality, we think it’s vital that this elevated libido isn’t lost! So, what are superfoods, and how can they help your sex life? Well, superfoods are otherwise known as ‘nutritional powerhouses’: foods that can kickstart your day with their exceptional nutritional density. Without further ado, here’s a list of superfoods that are designed to supercharge your sex life – whilst also keeping you in tip top form!


Aside from the obvious romantic connotations of feeding your partner some chocolate-drenched strawberries, these sweet, succulent fruits are also rich in Vitamin C. Essential for boosting blood flow, vitamin C is commonly thought of as a natural way to boost libido – keeping everything functioning efficiently! So, go on – whip out the chocolate fondue at the end of your date night (the messier the better…)


Now, bananas may be perceived as a classic ‘sex food’ due to their obvious phallic connotations (ahem), but they’re also another of your 5-a- day which are scientifically proven to boost your libido. As one of your best sources of potassium, bananas effectively counteract the anti-sex effects of salty foods (e.g. decreasing blood flow to genitals and making orgasms even more of a challenge). So, if you’re keen to get everything up and running, with a satisfying crescendo at the end, bananas can balance out that packet – or two – of Ready Salted crisps you ate earlier (don’t worry, no one’s judging here).


If you want to spice up your sex life, try seasoning your food with this natural aphrodisiac. Saffron increases your body’s production of feel-good hormones (such as oestrogen and serotonin), so can be the ultimate trigger to get you in the mood. Particularly potent for women, saffron has also been linked to improving sexual impulse in those taking medications that can suppress your natural libido – such as contraceptive pills.


The Maca plant, often consumed in a dried, powdered form, is a Peruvian superfood with both nutritional and sexual benefits. Extensive research has proven that Maca elevates sexual libido for both men and women. Some studies have even shown that it relieves symptoms of menopause and increases fertility for men. One could even call this sex food (supplement) the Viagra of vegetables…


A rumoured natural aphrodisiac, but is this fabled, or true? All oyster lovers out there will be ecstatic to know that the rumours are, in fact, true; oysters are another superfood boasting zinc galore, which boosts sexual libido and general energy levels. Of particular interest to men, these fruits da mer increase testosterone production and are extremely beneficial in the production of healthy sperm.


Another of your 5-a-day! This fresh, summery fruit is not only low in calories and high in water ratio but is also rich in sexually-stimulating nutrients! For example, the lycopene, citrulline, and beta carotene which make up the non water-based parts of the watermelon increase blood flow – and therefore your proclivity to being aroused – and thus can take your sex drive up a gear!

Pumpkin seeds

This healthy snack is incredibly rich in zinc and magnesium, which in tandem will give you boosted sexual energy and the ability to just lie back and let go. Pumpkin seeds are definitely the superfood to munch on if you want that added zest to your sex life!

Dark Chocolate

Finally, we’re back to the classic pre-seduction chocolate fondue. We all know that chocolate makes us happy (literally – it increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain), which would certainly put anyone in the mood. Cocoa also increases blood flow, which will get male lovers’ standing to attention in no time! So, treat yourself to that delicious dessert… We assure you, it’ll be worth it if you’re still hungry for a post- dinner nibble..
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