What Cocktails To Order (And Where) On A First Date

Bars and dates – they go together like a Cosmopolitan and Carrie Bradshaw! But if you don’t know your Tom Collins from your Old Fashioned, it’s time to swot up.

 A first date at a bar doesn’t need to be intimidating. Once you’ve locked down your go-to cocktail, or spirit preference, you’re ready. But, if the pressure of where to go on a first date is getting to you, fret not – we’ve got that covered too. 

When first impressions count, you want to give it your best shot, so to speak! Here’s our helpful guide to some of the best bars in the capital and cocktails to order on a first date.

Lyaness, Southwalk

Nestled in the Sea Containers Hotel in Southbank, Lyaness is an award-winning cocktail bar and all-around crowd-pleaser. With a bustling scene, it’s a buzzy place for that all-important first date at a bar. Keep it simple and classy, just like your surroundings, and order a ‘Rosa Daiquiri’. Resembling a chilled glass of rose, it’s far more interesting with notes of apricot and chocolate seeping through. It goes down far too easy, making it perfectly drinkable all-night long. 


Cocktail Trading Company, Shoreditch

At the ‘CTC’ you can expect anything but ordinary. Every cocktail is served with a touch of theatre and presented with its own story. Frankly anything you pick from the menu is a GREAT choice, in fact just being here is a GREAT choice! Show off your wild side and order the ‘80/20 Sazerac’. Fusing strawberry and cocoa butter Hennessy with Moët Champagne Syrup, a dash of vodka and Absinthe Rinse, it’s certainly a heady mixture! Served on an elephant lying down, this is sure to break the ice and impress your online dating friend. 


The American Bar at the Savoy

It may pre-date the internet and dating apps, but The American Bar at The Savoy has stood the test of time since it opened in 1893. Hands down, this is the bar of all bars, with a reputation as famous as those who have drank here; Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Taylor Swift amongst them. Its music themed playlist of drinks includes ‘#NoMakeUp’ inspired by Aretha Franklin’s hit ‘I Say a Little Prayer’ and ‘Don’t Panic’ – a homage to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ – and both are highly quaffable.


Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

If you’re wondering where to go on a first date that serves incredible food and cocktails to boot, then head straight to the Hawksmoor. If you’re up for a night of fun, the ‘Shakey Pete’s Ginger Brew’ is one for stamina and strength. Mind you, be prepared for pumping iron at the same time, it’s mega tankards are quite the workout to hold.


Cellar Door, Aldwych

It can be tricky to know what to order on a first date if you’re teetotal. A glass of soda or cup of tea is far too bland. Instead show off your adventurous side with a delicious virgin cocktail.

Light, fragrant and fruity, it’s the perfect answer to non-alcoholic cocktails with and sense of fun. Ready to step it up a level? Then the Mai Tai is a bestseller. This classic rum-based cocktail never disappoints.


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