The best restaurants for (really) getting to know your date

Imagine the scene; you’re elbow deep in rib sauce and chicken wings, you’re devouring every juicy mouthful, you’re lost in the moment. You take a quick glance sideways and realise your date is just gawping at you. This could go one of two ways!

‘Third base’ restaurants, as they’re known, offer the perfect insight into your date. Given the name from established couples who are past ‘third base’, these eateries are designed for getting stuck in – for couples comfortable in each other’s company.

Or are they?

It might be that the best restaurant for a date is the one that reveals your true personalities. After all, if food is the language of love, then why not fully immerse yourself!?

Here’s seven of the best date night restaurants for a meal to remember…

332-334 King’s road, Chelsea SW3 5UR

When you can’t see for racks of ribs, stacks of steak and lashings of lobster, you know you’re in for a treat. The Big Easy is one of those no-holds-barred restaurants, where you best unzip your trousers, and no, not for those reasons! Be prepared to go the whole-hog here, literally. Guests are required to wear plastic bibs, encouraging you to get messy. It’s not the typical dinner dates London is known for, but it’s guaranteed to knock down barriers and show how comfortable you are in each other’s company.

9 Old Compton St, Soho W1D 5JF

There are two good reasons to choose this restaurant. The first is the ruthless devotion needed to get a table reservation – if you’re date can wing this, they’re a keeper. The second is that it’s one of the top cosy restaurants London has to offer. Nestled in an underground basement, you can’t help but get up close and personal. Couple this with casual Mexican street food and it has all the ingredients for a perfect getting to know you.

12 Upper St Martin’s Ln, Covent Garden WC2H 9FB

An institution for curry lovers, Dishoom is known for its fearless flavoursome dishes that invite you to go all-in. With fiery spices and flame-grilled delights, the irresistible menu and lively atmosphere will serve you well. It’s a prime opportunity to see how adventurous your date is, watch their reaction when you order a garlic naan, it may reveal more than you were expecting!

33 King St, Covent Garden WC2E 8JD

Voted London’s most romantic restaurant, Clos Maggiore impresses on every level. However, with crushed crab and Loire Valley Rabbit on the menu, it can be somewhat of an intimidating experience. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to vet your date in dining etiquette, this is a fast-track to seeing their dining prowess. With a pricey menu, it’s also a good way to gauge your future partner’s generosity…

1 Upper James St, Soho W1F 9DF

Caviar, champagne, opulence – what’s not to love. By far one of the best restaurants for a date, each table has its own novelty service button for topping up champagne. No, the point isn’t to see how quickly your date gets drunk (although we must admit, it’s handy to know!), but rather their willpower to resist a top-up on a first-date. Tempered, professional, or wild at heart – you’re about to find out your dates true colours.

So, there you have it, a roundup of London’s best date night restaurants – all you need now is a date! For more – visit NVITE, the social and dating app which connects compatible matches based on mutual interests and social activities.

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