Going Dutch On Dates

Back in the day, dating was way simple. Boy meets girl at a dinner dance, they ‘court’ and within a few months there’s a ring on her finger. Simpler times.

In today’s advanced world of ‘courting’ things are a little different. Dating apps have replaced dinner dances, dating is less linear and more fluid, and there’s no tradition about who should invite whom on a date – girl, boy or ‘they – all are welcome.

But modern times demand a modern approach. This includes the big question of whether to consider going dutch in a relationship? After all, in dating etiquette who pays?

Well it’s pretty simple – both people do. It makes sense on a number of levels that costs are shared. 

Going Dutch – What’s the Beef?

The concept of ‘going dutch’ has been around for years. It implies that both parties split the cheque, so that neither is burdened with the final bill, or is out of pocket.

That’s all good when you’re close friends, but what about when you’re on a first date? #Awkward. But it doesn’t need to be.

No matter if it’s a date one or date fifteen, going dutch in a relationship, is about equality and fairness. It can remove any unnecessary ‘strings attached’ that come with someone taking care of the bill, and the assumption that there’s another date in the pipeline.

So how to best approach this?

Well first, you could casually set it up from the start, perhaps saying something like ‘I think it’s great when dates split the bill’. Or, some prefer to wait until the end of the date and whip out their payment app suggesting ‘hey let’s go dutch’ to the relief of the other party.

Another option, best reserved for ‘established’ relationships, is to take care of the bill on one date but suggest the other party does next time. However, since this is a little presumptuous, it really isn’t ideal in the early stages of dating.

Tech it to the Limit

Dating apps aren’t the only tool that have transformed online dating, so have cashless payment methods.

Take Monzo for instance. This forward-thinking new banking app allows you to split a bill when you’re out for dinner. You simply find the person in your contact book and decide how you’ll settle the amount – go dutch, or pay in part, the choice is yours. No more using your calculator to figure out the difference – one less thing to worry about!

PayPal is another tool that has your back – and let’s face it, who doesn’t have a PayPal account nowadays. Their nifty ‘Bill Split’ feature does all the hard work for you, so you can go halves without the hassle.

Thanks to these new apps there’s an increased awareness on spending, and acceptance of bill splitting. Hopefully this will continue to remove the barriers around going dutch in a relationship or first date.


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