Best New London Openings This Season

With summer a distant memory and the colder season upon us, thoughts turn to cool new restaurants in the capital, as indoor becomes the new outdoors.

For those planning where to go on a first date, London’s latest openings are sure to impress that someone special.

So, here’s five of the best just opened London eateries, to prove your finger is firmly on the pulse.

Vardo, Chelsea

vardo chelsea

Photo credit: www.hot-dinners.com

The hottest word in hip dining at the moment is ‘Vardo’. If you’re a foodie, there’s plenty of culinary delights in store, as well as its striking architectural structure to enjoy. With an eclectic menu sure to wow your online dating companion, you can look forward to crispy fried sea bass, spiced pulled lamb shoulder and much more. Yes, dishes are cooked low and slow – but the atmosphere is buzzy and vibrant. No surprise really with it being hailed as one of the cool new restaurants in the capital. You’d be wise to book in advance.


The Standard, Kings Cross

standard hotel london

Photo credit: The Standard Hotels

Kings Cross is enjoying somewhat of a revival at the moment, with much renovation and investment over the past few years. Setting a new standard, quite literally,  is the capital’s most talked-about hotel opening of the year. But more than a just opened London boutique, it’s also the setting for a happening bar, top-end restaurant and it’s recently opened rooftop bar. It’s the perfect setting for all those late-night romantic feels. 


Tonkotsu, Peckham

tonkotsu peckham

Photo credit: Tonkotsu

You say beef ramen, we say – not before date five! When you’re comfortable enough to slurp noodle juice and get it all over your face, head to  and get involved. The eleventh in its series of super-popular chains, this Asian eatery is one of the trendy restaurants London folk can’t get enough of! With gyoza starting from £5.75 and a menu that won’t set you back too much, it’s also great value too.


Megan’s, Wimbledon

Megan's Wimbledon

Photo credit: Megan’s

When dates and pets collide, Megan’s in Wimbledon is a dog-friendly café, with a happy welcoming vibe. Erring on the right side of glamour, with enough room for a side of romance, this pretty setting has just opened in London. Serving up humongous platters of divine dishes with an eastern influence, try the Turkish cheese fondue – great for sharing and getting to know your date.


The Breakfast Club, Soho

the breakfast club soho

Photo credit: The Breakfast Club

Dating apps at the ready – the perfect excuse for a date has arrived: The Breakfast Club in Berwick Street. 

Not to be confused with the original Soho club, which opened in D’Arbly street 15 years ago, this latest new branch is everything that cool new restaurants should be. Fun staff – check, a menu that you could literally live on – check, hipster vibes – check, waffles and pancakes galore – check. You won’t be disappointed if you swing by this joint, just be prepared for some queuing, it’s unavoidable with a place this popular.


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