Benched? Stashed? Dating terms you should know in 2019

Every year more and more dating apps appear promising love, romance and new connections. It is hard to even remember how we used to date people 10 years ago, before the dating app revolution. While technology does help us find people we would have never met otherwise, an increasing number of people fall victims to some of the negative aspects of the dating phenomenon. Here is our list of dating terms you should know (and be aware of) in 2019. 


Ghosting has been around for a few years and is still relevant today. Astonishingly, almost 80% of people who use dating apps have been ghosted at least once. Many of us can refer to a time when you were engaged in a chat on a dating app and suddenly be completely ignored by the other person. Ghosting is when someone who you believe likes you or you may have a relationship with, disappears without a trace for no particular reason or without explanation. 


Unlike ghosting, when someone completely vanishes from your life and cuts all direct communication, orbiting is a new term that refers to that same people who ghosted you still being engaged with your social media (from commenting on your Instagram posts, Facebook poking to watching your live streams). There may be several reasons for such behaviour, whether being nosy or just keeping their options open. Either way, orbiting usually sends mixed “signals” and leaves you questioning whether to get in touch with this person again.  


Imagine this – you meet someone new you like a lot and you tell all your friends (or even family) about them. After a few months you are very excited about the prospects of your new relationship. On the other hand, you figure you still have never met their friends or have been introduced to their social circle. Most likely, you’ve been stashed.


You’ve gone out on a few dates and you both like each other. This doesn’t mean you still can’t see other people. Or does it? If you are “fishing around” for “better” dates with other people, you are benching someone. 


Have you gone out with someone on a date and realised they don’t match their flawless profile picture, impressive list of achievements or worse, appearance? If so, you have been kittenfished. This term refers to people misrepresenting themselves on their online profiles, to be more competitive.


Haunting refers to someone who ghosted you but continues to spy on your social media without making any contact. 

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