10 Reasons to fall in love this Autumn

The weather turned cold almost overnight and only the thought of going outside for the daily dose of hot chocolate and churros brings chills down our spines. We get you. But before putting your dating agendas on the shelf for the next few months and getting into the lazy Netflix and Chill mode, here are some reasons why you should think again.


So summer has long been over and everyone is back in the office or somewhat busy. Transition time has arrived and with fall come all the post summer changes: friends moving places, new people moving in. And like the changes in season, our personal lives are changing too. As some people break up and others come together you may be wondering it´s time to get into a new relationship as you power through the days on your own. The good news is that there are many singles like you. Just keep this in mind as you embrace your new social experiences.  


The beauty of the the trees during the fall should not go unnoticed. Head over to Retiro park with your crush and enjoy the smell of fresh cold air, the crackling sound of leaves on the ground and the magnificent surrounding scenery.


Well, not just selfies but photographs in general turn out to be masterpieces during the fall season. And not surprisingly, everything around you has that special feeling to it. Go for a walk together and take as many fun pictures as you can. 


The best time to enjoy hot chocolate is definitely during the cold season and one of the best places to visit is Chocolateria San GinesGrab some chocolate and churros and relax while watching the busy life pass by.


Drinking mulled wine is an activity usually done during the fall and winter months. What could be more exciting that drinking mulled wine? Making it together and falling in love in the process! Here is one of our favourite recipes.


Fall is the perfect time for cuddles. Cuddle and stay warm with your special person during the cold rainy days.


Visiting a cinema can be extra special during the fall as some of the biggest movies premier. It´s also a time when many scary flicks come out. If you are feeling more adventurous, watching a scary movie together can be a great bonding activity.


Speaking of scary – if there was one reason for falling in love during fall it would be the excitement of celebrating Halloween together for the first time. Carving pumpkins together is also a great way to spend time and build a special connection.


A number of music festivals take place in Madrid every November. One of our favourites, Jazz Festival Madrid runs from 6-30th November and it´s the perfect way to relax and dream to the sound of Jazz together.


And if you need another reason why falling in love is amazing during autumn, it´s the Holidays that lie ahead to January. Finding someone special this month is a great excuse to plan a Christmas dinner for friends or a New Year Holiday together.

Do you agree with our list? Do you think fall is the best season to fall in love?

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